frauds in Deals and business online

Another Email. During this economic crisis curiosly people use to be hooked up easy to those emails, and these scammer invented smarter methods.

The email is the following :

fromDr.Collins Edward <>

dateThu, Jun 4, 2009 at 1:06 PM

Dear Friend,

I am Dr.Collins Edward,after all thing has been successfull i can not forget
your past effort towards this deal, I am happy to inform you  that i have
transferred the $12.7million dollars  through help of a good friend from Japan.

To show appreciation for your assistance in this transaction,you should
contact Mr.Mac Akalaka my secretary to send you $1.5million dollars bank draft
i left for you.Now i am out for bussiness  trip with my own share of money,
just contact him and ask him to send you the bank draft of $1.5m dollars,he
will do so but make sure you send him your.

Your full name: ___

Contact address: _____

Occupation: ______

Country: _______

Age: _________

Contact number: _____

His Email address:(

His office address:17/21 james lane akpakpa cotonou Benin Republic.

Remember to send this mail to him for easy identification

Kindest Regards,
Dr.Collins Edward


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