Contracts and inheritances fraudes online

One of the most used method for Scamming and online fraud, pretending and a contract of inheritance, and the death of the inheritance, and a kind of contract that a advocat take charge of everything, you just have to pay the advocat fees and legal charge, it’s alll matter of payment method through international banks. Be carefulll they even build a website where you can track the payment or the delivery of the amount of money.

Once more alll is a hassle¬† inf order to take advantage of your innocence. “a warned man is worth two”

Here you are literraly the email received :

Attn: Beneficiary,

We hereby officially notifying you about the present arrangement to pay
you, your over due contract/inheritance, which you could not complete
the process of the released of your transfer pin code through the
Digitalized Payment System.
We have decided to pay you,without any delay but through (ATM Master
Express Credit Card) This arrangement was initiated/constituted by the
World Bank and Paris Club,due to fruadelent activities going on within
the African Region.

The World Bank and Paris Club introduced this payment arrangement as to
enable our contractors/inheritance beneficiary to receive their fund
without any interfference.the ATM Master Express Credit Card was
contracted and powered by GOLD CARD WORLD WIDE.

Reconfirm the following information to us for Security reason.


we will proceed to despatch the card directly to your nominated home
addresss to you absolutely have nothing to worry about all we need is
your Prompt Response and Co-operation by Gods Grace we will have a
successfull Transaction.

Contact the ATM CARD department
Mr.Ricky Steven
TEL: +234-8065430552



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